Sunday, April 8, 2012

On Our Way to Hunger Games?

Is a real life Hunger Games possible?  On one level, it is reality t.v. gone bad - way bad.  On another level it takes the 1% - 99% dichotomy to an district that is supported by 12 others.  Both the book and the movie are dark - certainly a gripping tale, but dark.  Could our society get to a point that this would be acceptable?

The selfishness, the "me" generation, the disconnection of people in real time, more connection through technology - are these all signs that one day will be pointed to as the tipping point?  Is humanity hanging in the balance?

I want to say no - of course not.  We have learned lessons from history.  We are a civilized society.  Then I turn on the t.v. and hear the hate pouring out - calling a female student a slut because she is standing up for the belief that as a society we figure out what is best, what can help people, and we take care of them.   The idea that sacrifice must be made for society to be strong seems lost.  There is so much us versus them...she is not one of us, he doesn't look like me, they don't talk like me.  It is disheartening.

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  1. It really freaked me out to read that book because it didn't feel all that far off. So much of it already seems like it's happening and no one seems to care.