Friday, January 6, 2012

When I was 5...

Ever go along, day by day, and suddenly realize your kids have moved to a new developmental level and you didn't notice for a few months!  Each child has really started blossoming in new and different ways.

For LittleBug, I now believe the turning point was when she managed to stop sucking her thumb (with the help of some appliances) a few months ago.  But we didn't notice it then.  In the last week, though, I realized she is just blossoming.  The quiet, prone to crying child now has a new favorite saying:  "Best [fill in the blank] Ever!"  Today, when I asked how her night was with my parents (she chose to go stay over night without her sisters) she said "Best Night Ever!"  After the new Muppet movie, "Best Movie Ever!"  After our day spent in pajamas, playing games, and getting lunch at the In&Out drive-thru, "Best Day Ever!"  Her sunny side is shining through - love it!

For LadyBug, her twin, it is a time of memories and introspection.  A lot of sentences begin with, "When I was 5..." or "I haven't done that since I was 5."  Try as you might to convince her that 5 months ago - heck, even 9 months ago, she was 6, she will hold her ground and insist she was 5.  But the interesting thing is that she is telling us how grown up she feels.  And I can tell.  She is very into brushing her hair and getting ready now (didn't realize this could start so early).  She easily volunteers to do chores, like throwing the ball for the dog or collecting recycling.  Now along with the helpfulness of "growing up" come the fits and stubbornness, of course.  Hoping that is a phase.  Oh, and ever since New Year's Eve, instead of "I haven't done that since I was 5," she now says, "I haven't done this since 2011!"  Did I mention her ever developing sense of humor?"

QueenBee, our 8 1/2 year old, is now showing such responsibility - yeah! She has her own room now which she keeps as neat as a pin.  She decided she was brave enough to get her ears pierced and has cleaned them daily with little reminder.  She empties the dishwasher and cleans up.  Now, lest you think it is all roses, she still doesn't ever seem to get to piano practice and sneaks and reads Harry Potter into all hours of the night.  But still - it reminds me of something my mother told me when the girls were all little.  She said each age with me, it would just get better and better!  (of course I was an angel, right mom?)

Postscript:  As I was writing the above ever-so-glowing post, things disintegrated here  - fighting over using the other's brush, refusing to brush teeth and whining for mommy to pick out her books.  Ah, reality - punctuated by moments of brilliance that keep us sane!


  1. Your girls sound awesome! I have to admit, I am a little jealouse! My boys are MONSTERS :)

  2. With Peanut being 6 now we have our moments too. The other day she apparently noticed our downstairs bathroom was out of tp so she went and got 5 new rolls and put them on the holder and replaced the roll on the wall also and pointed out to me she had the paper hanging in the correct direction. Then moments later I had to say her name several times to get her attention.

  3. Mayhem takes over anytime I praise my kids publicly. We should know better! I completely agree with your mom. Each stage of childhood seems to get better and better. People think I'm crazy because I don't want to return to my kids baby years. Why would I want to do that? They are so much more interactive now. I love it!

  4. Yeah!.. like an Angel except when you weren't. Seriously, ever so often I'd notice your changes and think, "this is the best!" Then, later... another Best!

  5. I'm with Angie -- it's the curse of the praising. It's why the Chinese downplay everything good about their kids. Don't want the gods to get them.;)