Friday, November 11, 2011


This week, I have felt disappointed and disgusted.

I just heard on NPR that Herman Cain's fundraising has gone UP since the allegations of sexual harassment. UP. A man interviewed said that he didn't believe the woman because if it happened to him, he would have come forward right away. Really - you would have? So, you would have come forward 15 years ago and have people not believe you then? Call me crazy, but in my view, coming forward so publicly with sexual harassment is believable. To go public and put yourself through this kind of scrutiny - who would make that up? Why go through this ridicule and character assassination? These women didn't choose to run for president and therefore put their life under the microscope. Herman Cain did. Yet, these women have come forward under a moral obligation to make people aware of Cain's character. Thinking it would make a difference. I am saddened for them.

My stomach turned early this week when the students at Penn State protested the firing of a football coach. Not the victimization of young boys by the assistant coach and the complete lack of accountability and taking of responsibility by people in positions of power to do something. I guess you could say the students are young and naive - innocent. Like the sex abuse victims. Today, Penn State students are having a candle light vigil for the victims. A little late.