Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Designer feet

So yesterday, LadyBug was complaining that her new shoes were rubbing on her foot. She had worn them 2 days in a row. I started explaining that if she waited a couple more days, and then wore them again, her feet would gradually get used to them or she would develop callouses where they rubbed and it wouldn't hurt. Then I stopped, horrified. Is this how the indoctrination begins - that we must wear uncomfortable shoes because they look so darn cute? That if you suffer through the pain, it will be worth it in the end? Better to look good than to feel good? Yikes!

Since going back to work, my feet have been suffering. I have gone from wearing Merrells, flip flops or boots every day to trying to stuff my feet into pumps, slings, peek-a-boo toes, and whatever else. One trick I've discovered is for some shoes, it is better to just buy a size bigger (no, I'm not ready to admit that my feet have grown). Another trick is to wear flip-flops to work and then change. Last resort is to pre-apply bandaids. I've tried not to broadcast all these things to the girls, but of course they notice that mommy is wearing "fancy shoes." And of course, they want to be just like me!
And so it begins....


  1. It's like I always tell Elfie -- beauty is pain. Deep inside we're all just geishas trying to get out.

  2. Shoes are always a tough subject, peanut complains about any shoes, but she loves them so I don't know if she is just being whiney or they are actually hurting her.

    I have given you an award!