Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Runner

I'm a proud mama. Today LadyBug, our "middle" child (not really, since she is a twin, but she seems to fit right in there) showed some true determination and grit. We did a 1/2 mile fun run today. I was with the other girls, who alternated between whining and walking really slowly. LadyBug was with her dad and ran the whole way! At the start she began running and she ran uphill, then downhill, then sped up at the end. You Go Girl!


  1. Wooooo! That is AWESOME! I love that you do things like this as a family.

  2. Can I tell you something crazy? Adi participated in her school walk-a-thon last Saturday and walked (no running involved for my girl) just over FOUR miles! Will these munchkins never cease to amaze?

  3. Well, you know, when Adi sets her mind to do something...tell her great job from my girls!