Thursday, December 20, 2012

If Snow White and Prince Charming Cheat, is it ok?

So, I'm a bit behind the times since I watch t.v. on Netflicks now.  My eldest daughter (9 1/2) and I have been watching "Once Upon A Time."

Basically, if you haven't seen it, the premise is that all the fairy tale characters have been cursed to live in our world, in a town called Storybrook, Maine, and they have no memory of their real (fairy tale) lives.  Instead, they have fuzzy memories of another life, all concocted by the Evil Queen, who orchestrated this entire curse to punish them all.  The  legend (known only by a little boy) is that Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter, on her 28th birthday, will come to the town and free them all.  As you can expect, the boy is in psychotherapy.  With Jimminy Cricket.  Who doesn't know that is who he is.  

It sounds crazy, but it's actually pretty cool.  And the story line going back and forth from the truth (fairy tale land) and our world is entertaining.  Really, I could go on.  But what is creating some interesting conversations between my nine year old andI has to do with the concocted memories.

You see, the Evil Queen must do all she can to keep Snow White and Prince Charming apart (I guess there will be a cosmic rift in her evil plan if they realize their love for each other).  So, Prince Charming's "fake" memories are that he is married - to someone else.  Who loves him (she has more of those "fake" memories).  The thing is, the connection between Snow and Charming is so strong, they can still feel the love.  Hence begins the questions from my 9 year old...  "Mom, why is it bad that Snow and Prince Charming just kissed?"  "Because he is married to someone else."  "Is it a crime to kiss someone else when you are married?"  "Not a crime, but it is a breaking of your marriage vows - your promises." "But Charming loves Snow."  "Yes, but he is married."  "But not really."  "Well, he thinks he is..."  Seriously....

I mean, of course we all want to defeat the Evil Queen's horrible curse, support 'true love' and all that...but really?

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