Friday, December 7, 2012

Hanging out the ol' shingle...

Yep - hanging out the shingle.  Striking out on my own.  Making a go of it.

For a public interest lawyer - always worked for one government entity or another - the idea of creating my own private practice is both exciting and terrifying.

Exciting when I think of the work I want to do - to quote my daughters "my mommy helps people get along who can't get along."

Terrifying when I think of navigating the world of limited liability companies, business taxes, special business bank accounts.  Billing.  Did I mention I have always been in public service?

I am, however, motivated, excited about the possibilities, and being encouraged at every turn by colleagues, friends and family.

So here goes!


  1. You are so brave! I love your daughters' description of your job! I tell my family that my job is to protect large corporations from little old ladies that trip and fall on their sidewalks.

    1. That is awesome - hey - someone's got to do it. Old ladies can be nasty! We're going to be old one day, right?