Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unwanted mail

Did you know that when you check in to a hospital for something baby/pregnancy related, they sell your name and address to the diaper companies? It's true. I remember this from when the girls were born - we got all sorts of coupons for diapers and formula. The thing is, the hospitals don't seem to screen their lists to make sure there was an actual baby.

About once a month since my miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, I have received diaper coupons. They change - from newborn swaddlers, to infant diapers, and so on, as time goes by. This is a much unwanted reminder of a hard, sad time. A quick stop to get the mail turns into a turmoil of emotions - anger at the god damn hospital and wistfulness about what might have been. Not that I dwell on it, but it makes me mad. I should get to decide when I want to think about everything that happened . . . not a diaper company.