Friday, April 2, 2010

Nostalgia on Steriods

Friday - my last week day as a stay at home mom. The past 4 weeks have been full of moments like this - last swimming lesson to watch, last time hanging with my friends during gymnastics class, last time watching ballet class until the recital. If they handed out awards for the ability to create nostalgic moments, I would get it. Heck, today was my last time shopping for groceries during week day hours. I can get sappy about most anything these days it seems.

The other thing I have been noted for the past week or so is the big "S" on my forehead, which stands for "sucker." Ask me to do anything and if it is possibly something I won't be able to do once work starts, chances are I'll say yes. Once I start leaving for work at 7:30 a.m., it will be early to bed for everyone the night before. This week? "One more story, please?" Ok, I say, snuggling in. When LadyBug gets out of bed at 8:30 (she goes to bed before 8:00) and reminds me I promised to braid her hair, do I say, too late now? No, of course not - I say, "Go get the brush and the hair bands, sweetie" as my dear husband rolls his eyes.

It has been a crazy 4 weeks. I've now seen every health professional I go to, to squeeze in that one last appointment before I have to either take time off to see the doctor, or join the ranks of folks at the dentist on Saturday. I've pieced together a child care plan until summer camps start. And, horrors, I've gone shopping for work clothes. Actually, that wasn't as bad as it could be (you know, the discovery that my body has changed after bearing 3 children). A dear friend who shopped with me actually made it fun!

And so, on Monday, I'll be heading off to work at 7:30 a.m., healthy, children's hair braided and looking sharp in my new clothes! Off I go. . . .


  1. Good luck, Court Master.


  2. Really?? Congratulations! How exciting (and scary). I have been sadly out of touch and obviously don't check your blog often enough. I want to hear all about it. Perhaps we could actually talk on the phone? Too late! You've started work already. Love and best of luck.