Saturday, November 7, 2009

Angel, Witch, and Ballerina - Oh My!

Here is a "proud mama" moment - this year for Halloween my three girls not only chose what they wanted to be early on and stuck to it, but each girl was something different and individual to her.

My eldest, QueenBee, was an angel - all white and gold and glittery. She strolled about in her long while gown as if she owned the place. And I bet you've never seen an angel pushing everyone else out of the way to be in front of the pack to say "Trick-or-treat"!!

LittleBug chose to be a witch - and not just any witch, but one with a black boots, a broom with black and purple ribbons, and of course, black lipstick. She made the best "witchy" faces and relished the scariness of herself.

Her twin, LadyBug, was a ballerina. She was true to her heart - she has wanted to take dance now for months and dances around the house, Trader Joe's, or wherever. With her hair in a bun, makeup on her face and the pink leotard it was like seeing into the future. She positively glowed!
An angel, a witch, and a ballerina - how perfect is that?

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