Saturday, June 13, 2009

No Fooling Them

So we have the new van - slick, dark cherry color outside, tan leather inside.  Crazy fancy!  After just 4 days, I was totally adjusted to the life with automatic doors, stereo adjustment on the steering wheel.  When I had to drive the Eurovan to the dealer to get it inspected for the new owner, it definitely felt odd -- so utilitarian!  No perks...  The family we sold it to is in my mind the stereotypical Eurovan family - youngish (early 30's), 2 kids and one on the way, planning to camp - in fact, he was going to camp in it on his way home to Seattle.  Perfect!

So the new van is a bit over the top - all leather, all automatic, etc.  But it was the right color so I'm suffering through all the amenities (ha!).  One thing it has that we flat out didn't want is a DVD player.   The last thing I wanted was to have the same argument that we have at home every other day  in the car as well (why can't we watch a show, we haven't watch one in FOREVER...).  But in the end, to get the same car without it would have only been $400 less...and for long trips, I can definitely see the argument for having the DVD. 

So there it is, the DVD player, the screen tucked into it's little compartment.   Never seen by the kids yet.  We figured that we would turn it on during our first road trip over 3 hours and the kids would think we were gods, right?  Wrong!  Today, on the way to the grocery store, my husband put in a new CD for the twins to listen too.  Ladybug pipes up, "Daddy, why don't we just watch a movie?"  To which Daddy says, "Because we are in the car."  Then she says, "But doesn't that look like a little t.v. that could flop down?  Right there!"  (she is point to the yet revealed DVD screen).  Crap!  How smart are these kids??  Well, luckily, she's 4 and didn't seem to notice when the subject was changed without an answer or a denial.  Sigh . . . it's only a matter of time. . . .

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