Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Little bunny Foo-Foo- I am going to get you.  And I don't mean just bopping you on the head.  

Today, I went out to check on our garden - a lovely oasis of lush green, flowering squash and pumpkins, tiny peppers and tomatoes - and, gasp!  My green bean plants are gone!  Not just nibbled a bit here and there.  No, they are nibbled down to the sad little stem that now pokes up, naked in the dirt.  

The girls planted the bean seeds about a month ago and we have all lovingly watched them grow each week, watering and counting.  We even saw a tiny baby bean.  Now, it is all gone.  

This is the price we pay, of course, for trying our best to live on the edge of civilization.  Behind our house is desert - full of coyotes, mustangs, and yes, warrens of bunnies.  When we moved in, we thought it was cute to see the little cottontails hopping away when you opened the door. 

Now, this is war!  (or at least a better fence...)

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  1. I used to love living in the "country", listening to the sounds of crickets at night and chasing the bunnies around the neighborhood with my kids. Now, we have bunny fences to keep the bunnies out, and every time we turn around we have a frog where we don't want it--in the pool, in the garage, in my DRIER! I feel your pain. I hope the girls weren't too upset about their bean plants.