Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughts of the past few months...

Memories of the year thus far ...

As we wind down the school year, it is hard to believe the twins, LadyBug and LittleBug, are almost done with kindergarten and QueenBee is going to be a third grader. They have impressed and wowed us all year. And, of course, frustrated and infuriated us at the same time. Here are a few highlights.

Awesome skiing - all three girls surpassing mommy in skill and confidence. Truly awe-inspiring to see your child zip down a snow covered slope, knowing there is no way in hell you can catch them.

LittleBug starting violin lessons - not that I would recommend starting such an instrument at age 5, but she likes it and and seems to pick it up quickly. Recommend a very patient teacher...

Rocking out to Justin Beiber with the girls (he's not bad, you know....better lyrics than Lady Gaga, which we like too.)

A full year of school with mommy working: the highs at the lows: LittleBug taking a picture of me to her show and tell: "This is my mommy. She is a judge. And I love her." To...."mommy do we have to go to day care?" "Do you have to work ALL summer/break/the time?" Sigh....

The beginning of many "That's not fair..." from the eldest who has an acute sense of justice and a very short memory of her childhood (from 2 years ago). Everything the twins do is infinitely more fun that anything she ever got to do!

Soccer Ball to Littlebug's face: lots of blood, 2 stitches in the lip, and one very brave girl.

LadyBug's true love emerges: dollies. She now owns four "American Girl" dolls (she is a keen garage sale shopper) and I don't even know how many baby dolls. She falls in love with them....loves to be a little mommy.

Starting piano lessons for QueenBee: who knew the "OCD" in her would come out to earn the "stars" for extra practices? One morning, as I stepped out of the shower at 6:00 a.m., I heard her practicing the piano!

Roller blading at the roller rink, which has not changed since I was a kid - around and around....and around (see rocking out to Beiber above)

Coming home and/or waking up to piles of dog crap, etc. The joys of owning an old dog with a delicate palate and a young dog who eats everything.

The six year old style tantrum: arms crossed, mouth in a hard pout, a firm "no" from LadyBug - that will last forever. Or from LittleBug, the wide "hurt" eyes, running out of the room, silent tears while sucking her thumb.

QueenBee's ode to our deceased pet fish (who, prior to becoming a pet, was food for the really, he had it good): "My Dead Fish Ted" My fish Ted is dead, No it can't be!!! A special fish. He'd follow my finger, tapped the tank. Ted had a plant in the tank. A nice fish, a friend of mine!"

Playdates, dinners with friends and family, yoga for mommy and daddy - here is to all that keeps us sane!

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  1. I just saw this! Awesome recap. It was quite a year. BTW, I don't know if I should tell Elfie about the garage sale American Dolls or just keep it to myself. I'm afraid she'll have me up every weekend at 6 a.m.