Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun on the Slopes!

I have been having so much fun skiing with the girls. They are a real delight - very excited, responsive and brave. At the risk of sounding totally hokey, it really brings joy to my heart. Skiing has it all - the quiet down time on the chair lift for stories and games of "I spy," to the unadulterated shouts of "woo hoo" as we ski through the trees, take turns playing follow the leader or, the girls most favorite thing, "to go straight down fast!" Even though we are generally on easier slopes with them, each day, I get more and more comfortable in my own skiing. Now I can almost catch them if the do go straight down the mountain! I just love watching them try new things - and succeed! Or, if they fall, just getting up and going again.
I so rarely play with the girls. I'll read to them, but usually they play on their own while I do other things. This winter has introduced me to just how wonderfully fun they can be! Now we need to find a summer activity....

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  1. Skiing is truly a family adventure. It's a great lifestyle sport they will treasure their whole lives. I'm so excited to be getting Kate on skis for the first time next Monday. We are so lucky to have skiing just a few miles away.